Frequently Asked Question

Q.What is the purity of Gold in Kuchi Jewellery piece ?

Ans : Purity of Gold in Kuchi Jewellery piece is 9 carat that is equivalent to 37.50 per cent of Gold.

Q.What is the delivery period when ordered from this web-site ?

Ans : The delivery will be made only to those destinations which are displayed in the delivery destination list only. The time of delivery may vary from place to place. Generally within a weak delivery canbe made.

Q.What care should be taken so as to maintain the jewellery ?

Ans : The different ways to safeguard your jewellery can be seen in Jewellery Care Tips menu.

Q.Does KuchiJewelry LLP offer any Buyback/Exchange Scheme for its Jewellery ?

Ans : Yes the 9 carat Jewellery can be exchanged but not Buyback. The amount of exchange will be equivalent to the content of gold worth only that is 37.50 % Pure Gold of Net Weight.

Q.Where and how can I avail the Buyback Scheme ?

Ans : The 9 carat Jewellery can be exchanged but not Buyback. New product can be purchased after confirming the exchange price over phone or email and thereafter old product can be sent back to the KuchiJewelry LLP address.

Q.What Guarantee does KuchiJewelry LLP offer for its jewellery ?

Ans : KuchiJewelry LLP provide guarantee to their each and every jewellery piece. Each product is embedded with 9 carat and all products are verified with gold testing machine for theirfineness.

Q.Where is Kuchi Jewellery manufactured ?

Ans : Kuchi Jewellery is manufactured in Kolkata (the city of creativity) with their efficient, diligent, skilled and dedicated labours.

Q.Kuchi jewellery collection is studded with which stones ?

Ans : Kuchi Jewellery collection is studded with Swarovski Gems Stones and Semi-Precious Stones. Each Swarovski stone is engraved with letter Swarovski, located at table edgewhich can be seen by magnifying glass.