Ordering and Payment Procedure

  1. Logon to kuchi.in
  2. Click Our Collection Menu.
  3. Choose Type of collection you want to view e.g. click Kuchi Swarovski ornaments.
  4. Now you can go shopping on the website, just browse and search across varieties of products and add it to your “My Cart” (you can add multiple products to “My Cart”).
  5. Note you can choose different types of item from combo box located at top-left of the product page.
  6. You can alsochoose currency from combo box located at top-right of the product page, to view product amount in different currency.
  7. You can also filter the product as per your requirement by clicking Filter option located at the top-centre of the product page.
  8. To Select a Product, enter Details button and see the availability, if it is in Stock you can buy and if it is out of stock then you can order the same.
  9. If you buy the available product or place order, it will be added to your “My Cart”.
  10. Click “My Cart” Menu,located at left panel or you may also click the word “Added ToMy Cart”to see new selected products in your “My Cart” menu.Please note here only new selected products will be displayed at this moment.
  11. “My Cart” menu will display the products, only when you have selected new products.
  12. New productsalong with old products will be displayed when you have successfully logged in, otherwise blank page will be displayed.
  13. Once you enter “My Cart” menu after successful login, you have to verify your old and new selected products and thereafter proceed for Place Order.
  14. You can delete any selected product if you wish, by clicking on delete icon located in first column and thereafter proceed for Place Order.
  15. Now click “Place Order” button to continue.
  16. If you click “Place Order” button before login, then now you have to login after filling username and password to verify weather or not, you have account with kuchi.in
  17. If you don’t have account then click sign up andinput the appropriate details and create new account with kuchi.in
  18. If you are already account holder in kuchi.in then login with proper and error-free inputs.
  19. If you successfully logged in then message box will be displayed showing “Hello Customer Name” and moreover in menu panel also, you will see the same menu “Hello Customer Name” is added.
  20. If you want to checkout from “My Cart” account click “Logout” button on the menu, located at leftside of page.
  21. Now you click Place Order button, then Billing and Shipping Address page will open, where you have to feed appropriate, genuine and error-free data. You scroll down to verify your products once again.
  22. Confirm total payable amount including shipping charges and taxes.
  23. Now click “Make Payment” button located at bottom of page.
  24. Now you will be diverted to payment page. If you are in India then HDFC Bank payment gateway will be visible. If you are out of Indian then PayPal payment gateway will be visible.
  25. Here you can see Order number and Total amount payable. Select appropriate card and feeddata. When you are sure about entered data is correct and complete you can click on “Make Payment” button.
  26. After successful completion of payment process you will receive email of successful payment.Click to “Return to website” button to return to the website
  27. Your order has been ordered and an email will be shoot outand you can check the status in order Status link.
  28. After successful completion the order will be dispatched to shipping details