Jewellery Care Tips

  1. Check your jewellery every three months. Prongs can wear thin, and stone may fall off. Ring shanks can wear thin with age.
  2. Chlorine bleach can weaken gold, soap can diminishes gold’s colour and lustre, alkali & perfume dull its beautiful shine. Avoid wearing your jewellery in the shower, hot baths and swimming pools.
  3. Chains and Bracelets need special care. Always lay them out flat when not being worn.
  4. After wearing an ornament, wipe it gently with a cotton cloth dabbed with lukewarm water.
  5. Avoid washing your jewellery in a wash basin. You might wash away small, loosely-set stones or parts of your ornament.
  6. Gently use a toothbrush or any other soft object to remove visible dirt accumulations.
  7. Makeup, hair spray and perfumes cause dullness and loss of colour. So always wear your ornaments last.
  8. Keep your jewellery away from sharp objects. Also, remove them while doing physical activities or any other household chore.
  9. Grease is harmful to jewellery. Remove it by gently rubbing the surface with alcohol.
  10. Get your jewellery polished or washed every six months. When you do, approach a jeweller you can trust.