Our Story

KUCHI JEWELRY LLP is premium provider of fine jewellery considering suitability for everyone in terms of affordability as well as quality and is revered across the India for its distinct style. We are first ever company launching 9 carat (37.50 %) purity, white gold jewellery (the current trend), studded with Swarovski gemstones and semi-precious stones.

We are in this trade from last 80 years. This is our Parental business and we are committed to provide exclusive, exquisite and ingenious quality products with value of money to the customer. Our endeavour to non-stop process of creativity, enhanced to modern and innovative designs, lead us to success.

Now we have entered into new trends of contemporary and unconventional jewellery, that is very luxurious and affordable to everyone. Our products are homogeneous to diamond products and admired across the India, reason being low budget which is primary demand of everyone.

The company has been a pioneer in designs as every product is crafted to a standard of perfection. Whether it is elaborate wedding jewellery or affordable wearable. Kuchi Jewelry LLP has fashioned exceptional designs with unmatched quality. The products are redefine elegance, allure and style in the form of stunning pieces of jewellery. We are manufacturer of choice for every occasion, from a woman’s everyday wear to delicately crafted pieces for the biggest day of her life.

Throughout the entire process, stringent quality measures are taken to ensure the purity, value and finish of the product. Our expertise extends to the possibilities of customized and personalized designs to help the customer find and design her or his perfect piece of jewellery.